Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Will Paint for Gas Money

Having heard that I'm looking to make some money while seeking my first full-time job, my new buddy Mike over at Pepperland Music in Orange has commissioned me to paint him a master copy of one of his favorite images: The Endless Summer. He has requested for it to be oil on canvas.

Endless Summer Master Copy

I've been painting "al fresco" in the warm California sun.

Endless Summer Master Copy

Note: I don't advise painting barefoot, kids - it can absolutely result in a bloody mess as it did for yours truly who stubbed her toe on a disguised raised pipe. Shoes or sandals are definitely a must!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Noelle's Wedding

My dear college friend Noelle got married last month!

I was both honored and flattered to be asked to do her hair and makeup for her special day.

Sam Applying Noelle's Eyeshadow Sam Doing Noelle's Makeup

Noelle wanted a natural look that excentuated her features, so we opted for a light foundation, neutral eyeshadows, and girly pink lipstick.

Once I finished her makeup, it was time to gently curl Noelle's hair and create her desired loose waves.

Sam Doing Noelle's Hair

I think she turned out stunning - quite the radiant bride!

Noelle's Wedding Party

Our talented college buddy Matt Gush took these excellent photos. I highly recommend checking out his work and possibly asking him to photograph your wedding too!