Friday, April 15, 2011

Self-Portrait Aluminum Brooch

My first assignment in my Jewelry class at Cal State Fullerton was to create a self-portrait as a brooch made of colored sheets of aluminum.

Since I am a Business major with a minor in Art, I exist in two worlds: the free-spirited artistic world, and the structured business world. I chose to exhibit my dual nature with this project.

Aluminum Self-Portrait Brooch

Update (2013): I am very fortunate to have been selected to have my artwork displayed in the Visual Arts building! In addition, my professor kept my brooch to show as an example to future students. My brooch now resides here at home in my private gallery collection.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oversized Owl Shaped Layered Aluminum Brooch

I am happily taking Independent Study with my Jewelry professor Christina Smith.

My first assignment was to create an oversized brooch using multiple layers of colored sheets of aluminum:

Oversized Owl Brooch

To make the owl, I stacked four colored sheets and cut the main shape simulaneously, then sequentially removed material from the top layers to expose other colors.

I also experimented with masking and sandblasting to create the shapes on the rose, flaking off the colored coating for definition.

I am giving this brooch to my dear friend Meliana for her birthday - she has such a passion for owls!