Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Punk-Inspired Holiday Greeting Card Design

Our final assignment in my Traditional Illustration class was to create a holiday greeting card.

Influenced by the song "Silent Night" by The Dickies, I wanted to create a punk inspired Christmas card:
Christmas Greeting Card Design

The interior of this card would read "Have a Smashing Christmas."

Illustration for a Fairy Tale with a Twist: Cinderella

In my Traditional Illustration class, we were assigned to put our spin on an old fairy tale. On almost bended knee, I begged to be granted permission to interpret Cinderella.

My twist was to make all the characters skeletons, and instead of losing her shoe, Cinderella would lose her entire skeleton foot!

Skeletons Tell the Story of Cinderella

My original submission was drawn in colored pencil, but this more finalized second submission was done in acrylic paint on watercolor paper.

John Waters Caricature

I was assigned in my Traditional Illustration class to create a caricature of a famous person, similar to those used in Entertainment Weekly to accompany an article.

I chose to create one of John Waters, one of my favorite writers and directors, who is the brilliant mind behind films like the original Hairspray and Cry-Baby.

John Waters Caricature

My original submission was done in colored pencil, but this revised submission was painted using acrylic paint on watercolor paper.