Monday, April 19, 2010

Original Composition Rendered in Six Different Graphic Styles

In my Two-Dimensional Design class, I was assigned to generate an original composition using objects placed in the classroom, then render it using six different graphic styles using graphite pencils or ink:

Render #1: Photorealistic (Graphite)Project2 Render_0001
Render #2: Graphic Hatching (Ink Pen)Project2 Render_0002
Render #3: Bright Light (Graphite)Project2 Render_0003
Render #4: Low-Light (Graphite)Project2 Render_0004
Render #5: High Contrast (Graphite)Project2 Render_0005
Render #6: Minimal Graphic (Ink Pen)Project2 Render_0006

Which style is your favorite?

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